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Michigan Memorial Day Weekend Fun: Top Activities

A Michigan Memorial Day Weekend is the Beginning of Summer

My personal memory of Michigan Memorial Day Weekend is marching in about half a dozen annual Memorial Day weekend parades with my high school band along our small town’s Main Street. This wasn’t the most comfortable experience: our uniforms were 100% wool and by the time the brief ceremony at the end of the parade route was done, sweat was pouring down my face.

Adding to the fun was following the sheriff’s mounted posse. The horses invariably deposited road apples in our path and our white buck shoes took the brunt of this! But, the annual Memorial Day parade was also the unofficial start of summer in our town. With just a few school days left, I looked forward to long, leisurely days.

But as Memorial Day weekend draws near, Michigan is ready with lots of fun activities and events. It’s perfect for the whole family: history fans, nature lovers, or people who love patriotic events. Michigan’s beauty awaits you. So, pack up, bring your friends or family, and prepare for a memorable weekend.

The first thing you might want to do is check with your local American Legion Post to see what time and where the memorial service is being held.

Imagine this: it’s a sunny Michigan Memorial Day weekend, and it’s the perfect time of year to be walking in Grand Haven. A refreshing breeze from Lake Michigan hits you as you head to the beach. You hear laughter and the sound of water, inviting you to join. You play volleyball by the shore, feeling the sand and sun. As the day ends, the fun doesn’t have to. You go to the Grand Haven Memorial Day Parade. There, colorful floats and music make you cheer and clap.

Michigan has many amazing experiences for Memorial weekend. You could explore Mackinac Island’s history, feel patriotic in Metro Detroit, or enjoy the beauty of Traverse City. Michigan has something special for everyone’s taste.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Michigan offers a wide range of activities and events to enjoy during Memorial Day weekend
  • Experience historical charm at Mackinac Island
  • Embrace patriotic pride in Metro Detroit
  • Start the summer season at Grand Haven’s shores
  • Revel in Traverse City’s natural beauty
  • And more!

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Embrace Historical Charm at Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is a great place to dive into history during Memorial Day weekend. Situated in Lake Huron, near Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the island is beautiful. It has many activities and sights that highlight its deep history.

Carriage Rides, Cycling and Colorful History

Exploring Mackinac Island by carriage is a wonderful experience. You’ll feel like you’re in the 19th century, when horses were the main way to get around. The beautiful Victorian buildings and historical sites make the journey even more special. During Memorial Day, you can go on carriage tours that tell you all about the island’s history. Or, you may want to visit the Mackinac Island Bike Shop for rental bikes and self-guided tour information.

Hiking Trails to Arch Rock

Mackinac Island has miles of trails to hike, leading to amazing places like Arch Rock. This natural limestone arch is 146 feet tall and overlooks Lake Huron. Putting on your hiking boots and starting your adventure will give you a mix of nature, beauty, and history. The trails also pass by many historical spots on the island, making it great for those who love history.

Visiting Fort Mackinac

Seeing Fort Mackinac is one of the unique experiences that is a must when you’re on the island. It’s an old military post from the late 18th century with a lot of history. A guided tour can teach you about its strategic importance and what life was like for soldiers. Fort Mackinac also has fantastic views of the island and water, offering a peek into its past for history lovers.

You can enjoy a carriage ride, hike to Arch Rock, or visit Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island. It’s a place where history, beauty, and outdoor fun come together for Memorial Day weekend. Make sure you don’t miss experiencing the historical charm of the island.

Book a stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island over the long weekend. You’ll have a fantastic time soaking up the historic atmosphere

Experience Patriotic Pride in Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit is alive with ways to show your patriotic pride during Memorial Day weekend. Whether you like sports, parades, or live music, there’s something for you here. It’s a city buzzing with activity.

Detroit Tigers Memorial Day Games

Don’t miss the Detroit Tigers’ games this Memorial Day weekend. It’s more than just baseball at Comerica Park; it’s a celebration. Wear your team colors, enjoy tasty snacks, and root for the Tigers with fellow fans.

Festive Parades and Tribute Ceremonies

Join in the patriotic spirit at parades and tribute ceremonies across Metro Detroit and southeast Michigan. These events honor our armed forces’ heroes. Enjoy the floats, music, and salute the courage of our veterans with the local community.

Live Entertainment at Movement Festival

Music fans should hit the Movement Festival for unforgettable live beats. This electronic music event features world-class DJs and artists. Dance, enjoy the vibe, and make the most of the holiday weekend at this famous festival.

Detroit Tigers Memorial Day GameMay 26, 2024Comerica Park
Festive ParadesMay 27, 2024Detroit Metro Locations 
Tribute CeremoniesMay 27, 2024Veterans Memorials
Movement FestivalMay 25-27, 2024Hart Plaza, Detroit

Start Summer Season at Grand Haven’s Shores

Grand Haven is a perfect place to start your summer right. It’s on the beautiful Lake Michigan shores. The town has lots of activities for everyone. Whether you like outdoor fun, beach time, or local festivals, Grand Haven offers it.

Beach Volleyball and Relaxing by Lake Michigan

Enjoy the warm weather at Grand Haven’s beautiful beaches. Have fun playing beach volleyball with friends. Or, just relax and enjoy Lake Michigan’s views. The sandy shores and clear water make any day at the beach unforgettable.

Surfing Adventures on the Pier

For something more exciting, try surfing at the pier. Grand Haven is famous for its great surf conditions. It welcomes surfers of all levels. Catch some waves and feel the thrill as you surf on Lake Michigan.

Grand Haven Memorial Day Parade

The Grand Haven Memorial Day Parade is a must-see. It honors our military heroes through a beautiful tradition. Watching the floats, bands, and tributes is a great way to respect our veterans.

So, come to Grand Haven this Memorial Day weekend. Bring your friends and family for a fun start to summer. With beach volleyball, surfing, and the parade, there’s lots to do. Grand Haven is a fantastic place to kick off your summer fun.

Revel in Traverse City’s Natural Beauty

Traverse City, in scenic Michigan, is a paradise for those who love nature. It’s filled with natural attractions and activities, perfect for a Memorial Day getaway. You can dive into the beauty of nature here.

Biking and Recreation Trails

Traverse City has many biking and recreation trails. They’re great for an outdoor adventure. You can ride your bike through beautiful landscapes. You’ll see the countryside, forests, and crystal-clear lakes. These trails are fit for any rider, offering a memorable journey.

Sand Dunes and Sunset Views

The Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore’s sand dunes near Traverse City are truly stunning. Climbing them offers an amazing view of Lake Michigan. You’ll feel the soft sand and enjoy peaceful nature. Don’t miss the sunset over the dunes – it’s magical.

Traverse City is ideal for Memorial Day weekend. It’s a place to enjoy peaceful nature, exciting biking trails, and beautiful dunes. The sunsets are unforgettable. This city is a treasure for nature lovers.

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Savor Peaceful Lake Superior at Eagle River

Escape to the tranquil shores of Eagle River on the Keweenaw Peninsula, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Lake Superior this Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy a relaxing getaway away from the hustle and bustle.

eagle river michigan location
Notorious4life (talk) (Uploads), CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

At Eagle River, rejuvenate your mind and body. Sit on the sandy beaches, listen to the water, and breathe the fresh air. The peaceful ambiance will ease your stress and help you unwind.

For outdoor enthusiasts, there’s plenty to do. Explore surrounding nature trails and enjoy views of cliffs and Lake Superior. Hiking or biking is a great way to connect with nature.

If you crave adventure, water sports like kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding are perfect. Experience the rush as you explore crystal-clear waters and beautiful shorelines.

Eagle River is famous for its fishing. Cast a line in Lake Superior and try catching fish like lake trout or salmon. The tranquil setting makes for a memorable fishing experience.

After a day of exploration, enjoy local flavors at lakeside restaurants. Try freshly caught seafood or traditional American dishes. All while you enjoy views of Lake Superior.

The breathtaking sunsets at Eagle River are a must-see. The skies turn vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple. These moments are unforgettable and showcase Eagle River’s natural beauty.

This Memorial Day weekend, explore the tranquility of Eagle River. Whether relaxing on the beach or enjoying outdoor activities, it’s a perfect place to recharge. Eagle River offers a great escape to connect with nature.

Set Sail with South Haven’s Nautical Celebrations

Join the fun in South Haven during Memorial Day weekend for an unforgettable maritime journey. The Blessing of the Fleet at the Michigan Maritime Museum starts the adventure. Then, enjoy the Harbor Walk, which is great for fitness and family fun. There’s something for everyone in this quaint lakeside town.

Blessing of the Fleet at Michigan Maritime Museum

Dive into the maritime heritage of South Haven at the Blessing of the Fleet. This ceremony happens at the Michigan Maritime Museum. It brings people together to celebrate the start of boating season. You’ll see a procession of decorated boats getting blessed for a safe year. This event showcases South Haven’s love for all things nautical.

Harbor Walk to Fitness and Family Fun

South Haven’s harbor is the setting for the Harbor Walk. It boasts beautiful views of Lake Michigan. It’s ideal for both relaxed walks and energetic runs. You’ll find places to exercise at the fitness stations along the way. With playgrounds and picnic areas, it’s perfect for family bonding. The Harbor Walk promises fun and memories for all.

Blessing of the FleetMay 24, 202410:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Harbor WalkThroughout Memorial Day weekendAll day

Catch the Memorial Day events in South Haven for a magical time by the water. From the Blessing of the Fleet to the Harbor Walk, there’s joy for every family. Don’t miss the chance to immerse in South Haven’s nautical charm.

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Discover Alma’s Scottish Heritage at Highland Festival

Immerse yourself in the rich Scottish heritage at Alma’s Highland Festival. This yearly event showcases Scotland’s vibrant traditions and culture, right in Michigan’s heart.

Live Scottish Music and Dance

Feel the energy of live Scottish music and traditional Highland dance. With talented musicians and dancers, the festival feels like the Scottish Highlands. Bagpipes, fiddles, and drums will captivate you with their passion and authenticity.

Athletic Competitions and Clan Histories

Watch athletes compete in Scottish traditions like caber tossing and tug-of-war. Be amazed by their strength and skill. Also, explore the fascinating histories of Scottish clans, including their traditions and stories.

If you love Scottish heritage or enjoy world cultures, Alma’s Highland Festival is a must-see. Come celebrate, feel Scotland’s spirit, and make memorable moments at this fun event.

Use our interactive map to choose a place to stay in Alma:

Satisfy Your Taste Buds in Thompsonville

Thompsonville, in Michigan, is a treasure for food lovers. This lovely town has many culinary experiences to enjoy over the Memorial Day weekend.

Thompsonville’s dining scene ranges from cozy cafes to fancy restaurants. Enjoy the freshest local foods made by skilled chefs. They love to make dishes that are unforgettable.

No matter what you’re craving, Thompsonville has it. From big steaks, fresh seafood, to vegetarian dishes. The restaurants focus on every detail, amazing service, and seasonal ingredients for tasty, new dishes.

While exploring the town, try the local favorites. Thompsonville offers tasty burgers and yummy pastries for every food enthusiast.

For Memorial Day weekend, places in Thompsonville have special menus and deals. It’s a great chance to try new foods and flavors.

Don’t miss out on Thompsonville’s amazing food when you visit for Memorial Day. Whether it’s a quick bite or a fancy meal, Thompsonville will make your taste buds happy and leave you wanting more.

Use our interactive map to find and book a place to stay near Thompsonville:

Soak in Regional Culture and Cuisine in Holland

Holland shines during Memorial Day weekend with its rich culture and flavors. Dive into the festivities and taste what this lovely Michigan city offers.

Post-Tulip Time Floral Beauties

Holland is famous for its beautiful tulips. Memorial Day weekend is ideal to see the tulips after their peak blooming time. Walk through the colorful gardens and see the stunning tulip fields. It’s a sight that will mesmerize you with Holland’s natural charm. See: Find the Best Place to See Tulips in Holland Michigan

Lake Michigan Escapades and Holland Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day weekend by Lake Michigan is filled with fun water activities. There’s beach fun, thrilling watersports, and boat rides to enjoy. It’s your chance to dive in, lounge on the beach, or explore Lake Michigan’s beauty.

The Holland Memorial Day Parade on May 27, 2024, is an event you shouldn’t miss. The streets come alive with music, floats, and the community’s pride. Be part of the joy, wave your flag, and enjoy the parade in Holland’s heart.

Holland’s food scene is a highlight during Memorial Day weekend. You can choose from farm-to-table meals, Dutch pastries, or seafood. It’s a chance to explore Holland’s tastes and dive into its culinary world.

Holland Memorial Day Activities, Cultural Experiences in Holland, Holland Cuisine

Spending Memorial Day weekend in Holland means experiencing culture, adventure, and amazing food. Get involved in the culture, see the beautiful tulips, enjoy Lake Michigan, and savor Holland’s incredible dishes.

ActivityCultural ExperienceCuisine
Admire the post-Tulip Time floral beautiesExperience the regional culture of Holland through its stunning tulip displaysIndulge in Dutch pastries and local farm-to-table cuisine
Enjoy Lake Michigan escapadesImmerse yourself in the natural beauty of Holland and its connection to the Great LakesSavor delicious seafood and international flavors
Join in the Holland Memorial Day ParadeCelebrate the community spirit and patriotic pride of Holland on May 27, 2024Sample a variety of local dishes and traditional favorites

Things to Do in Michigan Memorial Day Weekend

Michigan has lots to offer for Memorial Day weekend. You can find antique treasures, places for family fun, or ways to honor fallen heroes. It’s a perfect time to start the summer with activities for everyone.

Antique Hunting and Family-Friendly Venues in Southwest Michigan

Antique HuntingWander through antique shops and flea markets in Southwest Michigan. Find unique treasures, vintage finds, and rare items for your collection.
Family-Friendly VenuesTake your family to Southwest Michigan’s attractions. Enjoy interactive museums, zoos, adventure parks, and water parks for fun and excitement.

Memorial Services and Summer Kickoffs

  • Attend Memorial Services: Show your respect for the heroes who have sacrificed for our country. Communities hold services and ceremonies on Memorial Day.
  • Summer Kickoffs: Take part in the summer celebrations in Michigan. There are outdoor concerts, food festivals, art fairs, and more, marking the start of summer.

Whether you’re into antique hunting, visiting places for family fun, honoring heroes, or welcoming summer, Michigan has exciting activities for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend.

Celebrate Small-Town Traditions and Memorial Day Parades

Join in the Memorial Day parades in Central West Michigan. It’s known for rich history and tight communities. It’s a great place for this patriotic holiday.

Central West Michigan’s Heartfelt Ceremonies

Towns and cities here honor those who served in the military. Memorial Day ceremonies are moving. They have tributes, speeches, and “Taps.”

One spot to see is Grand Rapids. Go to the Memorial Day ceremony at Grand Rapids Veterans Memorial Park. Veterans, families, and locals gather to honor fallen soldiers.

“The Memorial Day parades in central West Michigan serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom.” – John Anderson, Grand Rapids resident

Parade Processions and Special Lodging

The parades are a big part of Memorial Day weekend here. Watch as bands, veterans’ groups, and locals show their pride.

Then, relax at a cozy bed and breakfast or hotel. Enjoy special packages and extras like breakfast, Wi-Fi, and local attractions.

TownLodging Options
HollandClick to see on our interactive map
South HavenClick to see on our interactive map
SaugatuckClick to see on our interactive map

Plan a trip to Central West Michigan. Dive into the small-town vibes and lively Memorial Day parades. Enjoy ceremonies, parades, and great hotel deals for a memorable weekend.

Michigan’s Historical Charm and Natural Beauty Make for an Outstanding Memorial Day Weekend

Michigan is the place to be for Memorial Day weekend. It blends historical charm with natural beauty. Looking for something everyone will enjoy? This state has you covered.

Mackinac Island gives you a peek into history and stunning views at Arch Rock. In Metro Detroit, celebrate with Detroit Tigers games and festive parades. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy this holiday.

South Haven and Traverse City are perfect for summer fun with beach volleyball and surfing. Watch the sunset over the water for a breathtaking end to your day. For a quiet retreat, Eagle River’s shores and Lake Superior offer peace and beauty.

Experience local culture and food in Holland. Thompsonville is a treat for your taste buds. Don’t miss Alma’s Highland Festival to dive into Scottish heritage. Heartwarming parades in West Michigan bring small-town traditions to life.

Get ready for a memorable Michigan Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy the state’s beauty, culture, and events. Start your summer with an unforgettable adventure. Make precious memories with your loved ones in Michigan.


What are some fun things to do in Michigan on Memorial Day weekend?

Michigan has loads of fun for Memorial Day weekend. You can explore its history, show patriotic pride, or enjoy its natural beauty. Truly, Michigan has something for everyone.

What can I do on Mackinac Island during Memorial Day weekend?

Experience Mackinac Island’s historical charm. Take carriage rides, hike to Arch Rock, and visit Fort Mackinac to learn the island’s history.

How can I experience patriotic pride in Metro Detroit during Memorial Day weekend?

In Metro Detroit, see the Detroit Tigers play. Join festive parades and tribute ceremonies. Also, check out the Movement Festival for music.

What can I do at Grand Haven’s shores during Memorial Day weekend?

Kick off summer at Grand Haven’s shores. Play beach volleyball, relax by Lake Michigan, surf on the pier, and catch the Memorial Day Parade.

How can I revel in Traverse City’s natural beauty during Memorial Day weekend?

In Traverse City, ride the trails, see the dunes, and watch beautiful sunsets. It’s a place of stunning natural scenery.

Where can I savor the peacefulness of Lake Superior during Memorial Day weekend?

Visit Eagle River by Lake Superior. Enjoy lake serenity and the area’s quiet beauty, making for a peaceful getaway.

How can I set sail with nautical celebrations in South Haven during Memorial Day weekend?

Attend the Blessing of the Fleet at Michigan Maritime Museum. Enjoy a Harbor Walk to Fitness and family fun.

How can I experience Alma’s Scottish heritage at the Highland Festival?

Experience Scottish culture through music, dance, athletics, and learning about clan histories. It’s a unique cultural gathering.

Where can I satisfy my taste buds in Thompsonville during Memorial Day weekend?

In Thompsonville, delight in diverse foods. It’s a haven for food lovers looking for tasty experiences.

What can I discover about regional culture and cuisine in Holland during Memorial Day weekend?

Explore Holland’s beauty after Tulip Time, enjoy the lake, and join the vibrant Memorial Day Parade. It’s full of local culture and fun.

What are some things to do during Michigan Memorial Day weekend?

In Michigan, go antique hunting, visit family spots, and attend memorial services. Enjoy state-wide summer kickoffs too.

How can I celebrate small-town traditions and Memorial Day parades in Michigan?

Experience heartfelt ceremonies in central West Michigan. Enjoy parades and special lodging options for a memorable stay.

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