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Choose the Best Ski Resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Imagine standing at the top of a snow-covered slope in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The winter season mountain air is refreshing and the view is amazing. The sun shines brightly, making the snow sparkle. You’re ready for an amazing ski experience in big snow country. We’re going to help you choose the best ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

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ski resorts in upper peninsula michigan skier
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Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is Known for Great Ski Resorts

The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is known for its great ski resorts. Whether you’re just starting out downhill skiing or you’re among the tribe of advanced skiers, Upper Peninsula Michigan ski resorts provide some of the best skiing in the Great Lakes region of North America, so you’ll find the right place!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore contenders for the top ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan
  • Choose the perfect ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan based on your skill level and preferences: alpine skiing, cross country skiing, longest runs in vertical feet, beginner-level ski hill options, and ski lifts
  • Experience the beauty of the Upper Peninsula’s snowy landscapes
  • Enjoy a wide range of winter activities, from skiing to snowboarding
  • Find the cozy accommodations you need for a memorable winter getaway
  • Apres ski options like indoor pool, hot tub, horseback riding, on-site restaurant, snowshoe trails and more

Embrace the Winter Wonderland of Upper Peninsula Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan turns into a magical snow-covered place in winter. Its charming small towns look like they’re from a storybook. When visiting, you’ll find yourself in awe of everything looking so beautiful.

This area is perfect for anyone who loves winter sports. If you love skiing or snowboarding, you’ll be in heaven. There are many places to try these sports. You can feel the cold air as you slide down the snow, enjoying the scenery.

Not into skiing or snowboarding? That’s okay! The Upper Peninsula has lots more to do. You can ice skate on frozen lakes. Or try snowshoeing in quiet forests. It’s a great way to connect with nature and the peace of winter.

Experience the excitement of winter sports here. Or just relax and enjoy the snowy surroundings. Either way, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan offers something for everyone in the winter.

Discover Snowriver Mountain Resort’s Dual Mountain Excitement

Snowriver Mountain Resort is a top spot for skiing and snowboarding in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s in the middle of snowy woods, promising a special winter trip. You can enjoy two ski areas, Jackson Creek Summit and Black River Basin, with different terrains and fun for all levels.

Jackson Creek Summit and Black River Basin’s Extensive Terrain

There’s a lot to explore at Snowriver Mountain Resort. With 56 ski trails and 15 lifts, adventures are endless. Beginners will love the easy trails at Jackson Creek Summit. For experts, Black River Basin has challenging courses. No matter your level, you’ll have a blast.

Plentiful Natural Snow and Thriving Terrain Parks

Nature makes Snowriver Mountain Resort special by covering it in snow each winter. This creates perfect skiing conditions all season. Also, the resort’s terrain parks are full of fun, perfect for trying out new tricks.

Lodging and Amenities: A Snowy Stay at Snowriver Mountain Resort

After a day of skiing, it’s time to unwind at Snowriver Mountain Resort. You can choose from cozy cabins to luxury rooms. There’s something for all budgets. Wake up refreshed for more fun with gear rentals and repairs right there. And there’s great food when you get hungry.

Ski Trails56
Terrain ParksThriving
Lodging OptionsCozy cabins, luxurious hotel rooms
Onsite ServicesEquipment rentals, repair services
Dining OptionsDelicious and diverse

Family Adventures Await at Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort is perfect for family fun in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s a welcoming ski spot with lots of activities for everyone. Your whole family will have an amazing time here during winter.

Bavarian Charm and Overwhelming Natural Snowfall

Feel the atmosphere of a Bavarian village at Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort. The slopes are covered in natural snow, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. The beautiful scenery and cozy vibe make this place special for winter adventures.

Accommodations for Ski-in Ski-out Convenience

The resort is all about making things easy for you. You can stay in places where you can ski right out your front door. This means more time on the slopes with your family.

They offer various places to stay, from cabins to big condos. You’re sure to find something that fits your family well.

Skiable Acres253
Chair Lifts9

Check out The Lodge at Valhalla at Big Powderhorn Ski Resort or if you’d like to investigate alternatives, use our handy interactive map:

Explore the Historic Slopes of Mont Ripley

Michigan Technical University’s Renowned Ski Area

Discover the exciting history and adventures at Mont Ripley. This ski area is in Hancock, Michigan, and started in the 1940s. Michigan Technical University owns and runs it. So, it’s become a top spot for skiing in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Night Skiing and Tubing Park for Extended Fun

Mont Ripley is not just a history lesson. It’s a place full of fun things to do. Night skiing is one highlight. Picture yourself skiing under the stars. It truly is a magical experience.

If you’re up for something different, try out the tubing park. Zoom down special lanes on a tube. It’s fun for kids and grown-ups alike, and it adds to your adventure.

Mont RipleyInformation
LocationHancock, Michigan
Ski Trails22 trails
Vertical Drop440 feet
Night SkiingAvailable
Tubing ParkYes

Check out and book places to stay in Hancock using our interactive map:

Pioneering Pine Mountain Ski Resort

Pine Mountain Ski Resort stands out in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It’s famous for ski jumping and attracts global visitors. Nestled in a beautiful setting, it offers a thrilling skiing experience among stunning nature.

Ski Jumping Excitement and Varied Slopes for All Abilities

At Pine Mountain, ski jumping is a big deal. It’s known for hosting top jumpers and huge crowds for events. You can witness amazing athletes fly through the sky, showing off their skills.

Besides jumping, it has slopes for every skill level. You can find gentle paths for those starting out and tough runs for experts. No matter your experience, the joy of skiing and snowboarding here is unbeatable.

Summer and Winter Recreation at Pine Mountain

But Pine Mountain isn’t just for the cold season. It has a lot to offer all year round. In summer, enjoy hiking and biking. These trails lead through the beautiful Upper Peninsula. It’s a great way to connect with nature.

For a comfortable stay, Pine Mountain has many amenities. You’ll find cozy lodges and places to rent gear. This makes it a perfect spot for both winter and summer fans.

Click here to book accommodations at Pine Mountain. Or use our interactive map to find places to stay in the area:

Choosing Your Ski Haven: Factors to Consider

Choosing a ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan involves looking at many features. First, think about what the resort offers. This includes terrain parks, ski schools, and places to stay. These can really boost your time on the slopes and your enjoyment overall.

Also, think about how easy it is to get to the resort. Is it close to other fun places like restaurants or shops? This location part is important for both the experience and how easy it is to spend your time there.

Next, consider your skiing or snowboarding level. Some places are harder for experts, while others are great for beginners or families. Make sure the resort has the right kind of areas for you.

Lastly, look at the feel of the resort. Do you want a place with lots of activity and fun events after skiing, or do you need a quiet place to relax? This atmosphere can change everything about your visit.

By thinking about amenities, location, skill level, and atmosphere, you’ll pick the right place. Doing this will help make your ski trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan truly unforgettable.

Factors to ConsiderSki Resort AmenitiesSki Resort Location
Features such as terrain parks, ski schools, and lodging options.Consider the resort’s amenities tailored to your skiing needs and preferences.Location and proximity to other attractions, convenience, and accessibility.
Type of skiing or snowboarding: challenging runs for experts or slopes suitable for beginners and families.Choose a resort that caters to your skill level and desired type of terrain.Consider the resort’s atmosphere and ambiance, whether lively and bustling or more relaxed.

Best Ski Resort Upper Peninsula Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is famous for its top-notch ski resorts. They draw in winter sports fans from both near and far. We’ve picked out some of the best ski spots in the area. Each one provides a special experience for skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

“The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a winter paradise for ski enthusiasts. It has a variety of top ski resorts. They come with great amenities and beautiful slopes.” – Ski Magazine

Snowriver Mountain Resort

Snowriver Mountain Resort is perfect for adventure-seekers. It has two ski areas, Jackson Creek Summit and Black River Basin, connected. Overall, there are 56 trails and 15 lifts. Skiers and snowboarders of all levels can find the perfect terrain here.

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort is ideal for families. It has a charming Bavarian feel and gets a lot of natural snow. This makes it a cozy place for skiing. You can stay right next to the slopes and enjoy 253 acres of ski area with 45 trails for all levels.

Mount Bohemia

Mount Bohemia is a dream for those who love a challenge. It has long runs, big vertical drops, and lots of powder. The terrain is tough and the skiing areas are specially designed. This resort is all about the high-adrenaline ski experience.

Ski Brule

Ski Brule is known for its amazing snowmaking and great slopes. It’s right in the heart of the Upper Peninsula. This resort offers good skiing all season long. No matter your skill level, there’s a run for you at Ski Brule.

Ski ResortVertical Drop (feet)
Snowriver Mountain Resort750
Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort622
Mount Bohemia900
Ski Brule500

Note: Vertical drop is measured from the highest point to the lowest point of a ski resort’s slopes.

These ski resorts are some of the best in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Each one has special qualities and activities. They ensure everyone, from beginners to experts, finds their winter sport paradise.

Mount Bohemia: Thrills for the Extreme Skier

Are you an extreme skier seeking a high-energy adventure in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula? Mount Bohemia has what you need. This ski resort is perfect for those seeking excitement. It offers long runs, high vertical drops, and plenty of deep powder for all your skiing dreams.

Long Runs, High Vertical Drops, and Deep Powder

Mount Bohemia is perfect for skiers wanting long adventures. It has over 585 acres of skiable terrain. This means plenty of space for you to explore and enjoy the thrill of the slopes.

If you’re looking for steep slopes and a challenge, Mount Bohemia is ideal. It has jaw-dropping vertical drops that will test your skills. It’s an experience that excites and stays in your memory.

What makes Mount Bohemia special is its deep powder. The annual snowfall here is quite high, ranging from 300 to 400 inches. This guarantees excellent skiing conditions and lots of fresh powder for you to enjoy.

Challenging Terrain and Segregated Ski Sections

Mount Bohemia’s terrain is known for being challenging. It’s mainly for advanced and expert skiers. With steep chutes and glade skiing, it’s a place to push your skiing abilities.

Mount Bohemia also has segregated ski areas. This means there are specific areas for advanced and expert skiers. You can enjoy the trails without beginners slowing you down. It makes your time on the mountain more thrilling and focused.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate adventure in skiing, Mount Bohemia is it. The resort is packed with long runs, high drops, and tricky terrain. Its advanced features make your skiing experience truly unforgettable.

Family-Friendly Fun at Mount Zion Recreational Complex

In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the Mount Zion Recreational Complex. It’s perfect for families looking for winter activities. The site is on the Gogebic Community College’s grounds and has something for everyone.

Mount Zion features ski slopes perfect for beginners. Everyone can enjoy sliding down the mountain. These beginner-friendly slopes make skiing fun and safe for first-timers.

The complex isn’t just for skiing. It also has snowboarding and tubing for winter fun. It’s ideal for family bonding in the Upper Peninsula’s snowy scenery.

“Mount Zion Recreational Complex offers a wide range of activities that cater to both children and adults.”

If you need a break, visit the lodge. It’s a warm space where you can enjoy hot cocoa by the fire. The welcoming environment and helpful staff let you relax and fuel up for more fun.

The complex is great for skiers of any level. With easy slopes and many activities, it’s perfect for families. This winter, head over to Mount Zion for unforgettable experiences.

Wild Beauty at Porcupine Mountains Winter Sports Complex

The Porcupine Mountains Winter Sports Complex is a must-visit spot in the Upper Peninsula. It’s perfect for those who love winter sports and being in nature. The place is ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers.

There are 20 runs at this complex, suitable for all skill levels. So, whether it’s your first time skiing or you’re an expert, you’ll find the right slope. They also provide ski lessons to help you get better or start learning.

Skiing here means being surrounded by natural beauty. Snow-covered trees and mountains set the scene. It’s a magical place to enjoy skiing and connect with nature.

Besides skiing, the complex has many other activities to enjoy. You can snowboard, snowshoe, or try cross-country skiing. This means there’s always something fun to do.

When you’re done with activities, the complex has comfy places to stay. You can choose between a cozy cabin or a nice lodge. It’s a great place to relax and recharge.

The Porcupine Mountains Winter Sports Complex is perfect for a memorable winter trip. With its beauty, variety of slopes, and activities, it offers an amazing experience. Come and discover this winter wonderland for yourself.

The Alluring Slopes of Ski Brule and Their Expert Snowmaking

Ski Brule in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, is known for its expert snowmaking. It ensures excellent skiing conditions all winter. This makes it a top destination for snow lovers.

Expert SnowmakingAlluring Slopes
Ski Brule’s high-tech snowmaking keeps the slopes covered in fresh powder. Even when there’s not much natural snow, the slopes are ready.At Ski Brule, you’ll find runs for every skill level. There are easy slopes for beginners and tough trails for experts. Everyone will enjoy the ride.
Thanks to advanced grooming, Ski Brule’s slopes are top-notch. They’re smooth and ready for quick skiing or snowboarding.The beauty around Ski Brule makes skiing even more special. Enjoy amazing views of the snowy terrain while you ski down the mountain.
Ski Brule’s team works hard to keep the snow and slopes in great shape. This effort means visitors have a blast, no matter the weather.Whether new to the sport or a seasoned pro, Ski Brule has slopes for you. It offers a wide variety for all skiers and snowboarders.

Dynamic Skiing at Snowriver Mountain Resort

Snowriver Mountain Resort is known for thrilling skiing and snowboarding. It is located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This resort has two mountains, Jackson Creek Summit and Black River Basin. In total, there are 56 runs here.

Find gentle slopes or challenging terrain at Snowriver Mountain Resort. It’s a perfect place for both beginners and experts. There’s something exciting for everyone to enjoy.

Plan a Winter Escape to a Ski Resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan

The Upper Peninsula in Michigan is the perfect place for a winter escape. It has numerous ski resorts that suit various needs and experience levels. You can find places for family fun, thrilling adventures, or a bit of both. 

Family-favorite spots include Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort and Mount Zion Recreational Complex. They offer a friendly vibe and easy slopes for beginners. This ensures that every member of your group enjoys their time on the snow. 

For those seeking challenges, Mount Bohemia and Ski Brule are top choices. They have difficult runs and terrains for the experts. If you want something in between, Snowriver Mountain Resort and Mont Ripley provide a balanced mix for all levels. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Michigan or traveling, the Upper Peninsula beckons with its skiing delights. So, grab your skis or snowboard, head out, and make lasting winter memories in this snowy heaven. 


What are the best ski resorts in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Great resorts in Upper Peninsula Michigan include Snowriver Mountain Resort, Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort, Mont Ripley, and Pine Mountain Ski Resort.

What winter activities can I enjoy in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Try skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing, and snow tubing in Upper Peninsula Michigan.

What is unique about Snowriver Mountain Resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Snowriver Mountain Resort has two mountains and 56 ski trails with 15 lifts. It has terrain parks and various places to stay.

Why is Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort a good choice for families?

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort is great for families. It has skiing for all levels and easy access to lodging and skiing areas.

What makes Mont Ripley a historic ski area in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

It’s been run by Michigan Technical University since the 1940s. Mont Ripley has 22 trails, a 440-foot drop, night skiing, and a tubing park.

What is special about Pine Mountain Ski Resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Pine Mountain Ski Resort is known for its ski jumping history and slopes for every skier. It also has activities all year.

What factors should I consider when choosing a ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Look at what a resort offers. Think about its terrain parks, lessons, and places to stay.

Which ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan has the highest vertical drops?

Mount Bohemia is perfect for extreme skiers with its high drops, long runs, and deep snow.

Is there a family-friendly ski resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Yes, Mount Zion offers activities and easy slopes for families and kids.

What can I expect at the Porcupine Mountains Winter Sports Complex in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

The complex has winter sports and beautiful views. Enjoy its 20 runs for all levels.

What sets Ski Brule apart in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

Ski Brule is known for making great snow and keeping its slopes in top condition all winter.

What skiing experiences can I have at Snowriver Mountain Resort in Upper Peninsula Michigan?

At Snowriver Mountain Resort, have fun on 56 runs between Jackson Creek Summit and Black River Basin. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

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